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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - January 15, 2010

First Planet Software, Inc. announces a new Service Offering: The Knowledge Webinars™ - a unique series of Experiential Knowledge Transfer Events from Software Industry Masters to Test Automation & Development Professionals of all skill levels.

Cincinnati, Ohio USA - Today, First Planet Software, Inc., an American Corporation, announces the launch of a new service division within the company: The Knowledge Webinars™. First Quarter 2010 brings the much anticipated "Software Test Automation Webinars" series of original, knowledge-based material taught by Master instructors who are also top gun test automation engineers. Each quarter throughout the year will bring a new calendar of webinar events.

These sessions are designed to quickly enhance the skills of test automation, load, and performance engineers in such areas as data driven testing, descriptive programming, automation architecture, VB scripting, and load & performance testing; with the inaugural track focusing on the HP Quick Test Pro, Quality Center, and LoadRunner software test automation and performance tools.

First Planet Software is recognized for their deep knowledge and expertise in the field of software test automation, architecture design and the software development life cycle (SDLC). These High Impact Webinars aren't the only flavor of world-class service provided by the Thought Leaders at First Planet. Their Software Engineering Knowledge Solutions include Private Individual Tutoring & Skills Assessment, Corporate Group Training & Project Assessment, and Emergency VB & Business Intelligence Scripting Assistance.

"We offer very affordable, dynamically priced 'Working Knowledge in Real Time - Right Now,' " says Emily Eberly, CEO, in reference to The Knowledge Webinars™ motto. "We cater to individuals seeking the exact kernels of technical knowledge they need to immediately improve their job performance and become more visible to their Manager, or to remain competitive in our shrinking job market, or to help them gain the skills they need to find a new position. Our webinars are especially pertinent because, we identify a complete set of skills that are desired by all well-rounded test automation engineers. Flexibility and adaptability are the name of the game in today's employment market. If you're stuck on record/playback, or your VB skills are lacking, or you have become specialized in a unique niche, these webinars will increase your band-width."

The benefits of each 60 minute interactive webinar are clear and immediate. Every session is taught by friendly, easy to understand, expert instructors and guest panelists who will share their insights and knowledge. The webinars are designed to be fun, entertaining and above all - very informative by containing high-quality content, user polls, surveys, live Q & A, and "Golden Nuggets" of knowledge which the audience can literally grab and use right away. Economically priced for today's tight market, these valuable webinars offer immense value for a modest time commitment. For more information on First Planet Software's knowledge-based webinars series, please visit http://www.firstplanetsoftware.com/.

About First Planet Software

First Planet Software, Inc. is an expert-level information technology software engineering and creative programming services provider, serving the IT community with experience, knowledge and steady commitment. The company is a complete solutions provider and serves clients in the management, design, building, customization, testing and deployment of reliable software.

First Planet Software offers expert training in software test automation, performance, stress, and load testing (using the Mercury/HP Quick Test Pro, Quality Center, LoadRunner, and IBM Rational tools), as well as actual software development, testing, and programming services.

Emily L. Eberly, CEO
First Planet Software, Inc.
Corporate Office: 513.579.0800
Fax: 513.297.7265

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