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Welcome to our house!

We are a high-tech Webinar Production & Software Development company,
with a passion for Automation, Continuing Education, and using computers for very Creative Purposes!

Marketing Managers LOVE! our Graphical Distribution Analytics & Registration Source Track Reporting.

Professional Webinar Production     Custom Web Engineering     Programming & Quality Assurance    

Through the artistic and skillful use of technology...
we offer extraordinary knowledge, support, and development services — to both individuals and corporations.

We're glad you're here. Our house is your house.

Smart Registrations - Better Analytics™
Our corporate offices are located in beautiful Cincinnati, Ohio USA.

Webinar Creative Technology USA®, First Planet Software®, Inc., and The Knowledge Webinars®
are registered United States trademarks.

Professional Webinar Production
✦ Webinar Creative Technology USA® ✦Complete Webinar Production & Voice Moderator Services. ✦Citrix Online GoToWebinar In-session Support. ✦Buffet-style Pricing & Discounts. ✦Total Behind-the-scenes Relief!


Sales, Marketing & Educational web events in Live, View-on-demand & Lead Generation formats.

Speaker Coaching, Presentation Team guidance, Interactive Audience Q&A, Worry-free On-the-Air Direction! PowerPoint Slide Presentation help. Webinar Recording & Video / Sound Track Edits.

Specializing in the Citrix Online GoToWebinar & GoToMeeting Platforms, we offer complete Set up, Scheduling, Registration, & even Hosting of your "Go To" Events, if needed.

⚫ Using state-of-the-art tools & techniques, we maximize the value of your presentation to produce a lasting, High-quality recording of your event in a Web-ready format, on your website, for additional View-on-demand & lead-gen purposes.

⚫ Sometimes nervous jitters happen: stutters, umms & ehhs, mixed up slides, even misspeaks. But, hey, no problem! We can fix all that during the editing process!! We're with you each step of the way, from "initial sound checks" to "dress rehearsals" to "show time" to "final product".

⚫ With our custom "back-end" software development on your company's site, we create seamless Attendee Registration & Secure Payment Processing of fee-based events. We can even help with Targeted Attendee Lead Generation lists.
Custom Web Engineering
✦First Planet Software®, Inc. ✦Enterprise Application Development. ✦View-on-Demand Webinar Platforms. ✦Site Membership Registration. ✦Opt-in & Permission-based List Building. ✦Contact & Messaging Interfaces. ✦Visitor Metrics.


Powerful & sophisticated Website Engineering, with back-end & database-driven Business Intelligence.

On new or existing sites, we create Advanced Process-driven eCommerce Website Solutions — to support your electronic business functions and marketing requirements.

Our innovative and security-focused software developers specialize in numerous programming languages across a range of tools, vendors, databases, and operating systems.

⚫ With our strategic "back-end" software development and robust security measures added to your company's site, we utilize visitor-generated processes to streamline your business flow. And in support of your training & marketing webinar program, we can create seamless Attendee Registration, Secure Payment Processing for fee-based webinar events, and build an exponential View-on-demand Archive for all your recorded Web-related assets.

⚫ These Creative Services include:
Server-side & Client-side programming, Product & Inventory Catalogs, Proprietary Relational databases, Shopping Cart functionality, Payment Processing, and numerous other commercial features.
Software Quality Assurance Test Automation
✦Online Public Training at The Knowledge Webinars®. ✦Corporate On-site Training. ✦Corporate Project Assessments. ✦Private Individual Mentoring & Skill Assessments. ✦Urgent VB & BI Scripting Assistance. ✦Consulting Services.


Through the artistic and skillful use of test automation technology, we offer extraordinary knowledge, support, and development services - to both individuals and corporations.

Our team has a world-class background in all aspects of the management, design, building, customization, implementation, testing, automation, support, and deployment of reliable software and data systems.

⚫ First Planet Software hosts LIVE online technical training events! Attendees get Current Trends, Topics & Custom Content. Come Experience dynamic Q&A interaction with our Instructors & Expert Guest Panelists. Receive Valuable Insight & Expanded Awareness. To tune in & receive special benefits, Join our Membership Community!

⚫ We specialize in:
Quality Assurance Test Automation with HP/Mercury Quick Test Pro (QTP) & Quality Center (QC), Descriptive Programming, Business Process Testing (BMT), and VB Business Intelligence Scripting.

⚫ Our unique training services also include:
Quick turn-around for Urgent VB Scripting & Programming help to people who Need To Know Right Now.
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